ICC Target Cost Version June 2018

ICC Target Cost Version June 2018
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This 2018 version is drafted to minimise the incidence of potential disputes and resolve those that may arise in a speedy and non-confrontational manner. It seeks to facilitate a contract strategy which will significantly reduce the potential of cost overruns and the better control of outturn price. The contract’s core provisions reflect those of the “With Quantities Version” and reflects its basic model and structure as well as reflecting current practice and government thinking. The Contractor is encouraged to be involved more closely in aspects of design, including that provide by or on behalf of the Employer and is paid an agreed target cost plus fee with cost savings below target cost and expenditure above the target cost shared in accordance with an agreed percentage. The contract is capable for use for international construction projects.

ISBN: 978-1-9164061-0-0

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Author: ACE and CECA