ICC Archaeological Investigation Version Guidance Notes August 2011

Archaeological Investigation Verson Guidance Notes
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These Guidance Notes highlight the importance of archaeology, the social and environmental need for both the preservation and recording of archaeological remains and the need for a standard form of contract for archaeological work. They explain the business relationship between the parties and their roles, together with those of the Consultant and the Curator, and have been prepared specifically to assist users of the ICC-Archaeological Version in the preparation of contract documents and the carrying out of the investigation. The Guidance Notes provide an informative explanation of the purpose and nature of an archaeological investigation and its components and the place that the contract has within the process. They highlight the other contract documentation which would normally be expected to be included within the contract and focus on key contract clauses including payment and the requirements of current payment legislation. Appendices include a flow chart illustrating the archaeological process, explain the pricing and valuation of archaeological work and the expected contents of a specification and describe the contents of a project design or a written scheme of investigation. The Guidance Notes do not, however, form part of the Conditions of Contract nor purport to provide a legal interpretation but do represent the view of what constitutes good practice in the conduct of archaeological investigations.

ISBN: 9781907660399

Number of pages: 26

Author: ACE and CECA