ACE Code of Business Practice

Upon becoming a member of ACE, companies undertake to comply with and adhere to the ACE Code of Business Practice. The Code of Business Practice sets out the professional and ethical standards by which members must abide in order to uphold and enhance the dignity and reputation of the profession. It emphasises the importance of professionalism, independence, objectivity and integrity to the successful execution of members’ professional responsibilities.

Furthermore, ACE’s commitments to long-term, sustainable development and to encouraging diversity and inclusion are outlined. ACE members are required to promote sustainable development principles in their work and to understand and promote the need for greater diversity and inclusion in the industry and the workplace.

The Code of Business Practice sets out the required standards with regards to client relations, professional standards and independent advice and actions. It further defines the appropriate conduct concerning the reviewing or taking over of another member’s work, the obligation to have Professional Indemnity Insurance and to act with fairness and integrity towards others. It also highlights the existence of a Complaints Procedure, including a Disciplinary Panel, in the event of a breach of the Code. Finally, it sets out the circumstances in which the conduct of ACE members outside of the UK may constitute a breach of the Code.