Sir Michael Latham receives ACE Lifetime Achievement Award
Issued: 27 May 2011

ACE has presented its inaugural Lifetime Achievement award to Sir Michael Latham.  The award was presented at the annual ACE Engineering Excellence Awards gala dinner, which were held on 25 May at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.

Over a long and distinguished career Sir Michael has helped to redefine attitudes to procurement and efficiency in the industry.  His ground breaking 1993 report “Constructing the Team” has been the genesis of new thinking through the Egan review, the Movement for Innovation, Constructing Excellence and chief construction adviser Paul Morrell’s Innovation and Growth Team report.

Nelson Ogunshakin OBE, ACE chief executive, said: “I am delighted to endorse this award.  Sir Michael Latham has been a strong ally of ACE over the years.  He has chaired our Advisory Board since its creation, and has provided strategic and tactical guidance to ACE and its board members.  His support has strengthened our work on proportionate liability and procurement. Sir Michael Latham is giant of a man in the UK Construction industry and fully deserves our acclaim.”

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Launched in 2008, ACE’s annual Engineering Excellence Awards showcase the finest achievements of consultancy and engineering firms and the innovation that makes the industry crucial to local, national and global economies.  

A distinguished panel of judges come together to assess individual entries and judge against high expectations for original and unique design work, a future value beyond what is normal, and social, economic and environmental sustainability, and successful fulfilment of the client’s needs.

The expert judges are bought together from the fields of engineering, architecture, media and academia, as well as from within government. They then evaluate aspects of the projects holistically, but also the less tangible wow factor that a project may have with local communities and the wider public.

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