Ramboll’s Flemming Pedersen named European CEO of the Year
Issued: 09 November 2011

Flemming Pedersen of Ramboll has been named as the inaugural European CEO of the Year.

The new award has been presented as engineering CEOs from across Europe gathered at ACE’s European CEO Conference. The conference offers them a chance to discuss matters affecting the industry and the wider issue of returning Europe’s economies to stability and growth.

ACE chief executive Nelson Ogunshakin OBE said: “My congratulations go to Flemming Pedersen for this fully deserved award. Flemming’s leadership of Ramboll demonstrates that, in times of economic turmoil, good leadership is vital to deliver excellent results and some phenomenal feats of engineering. The consultancy and engineering industry has a wealth of talented leadership, but I am sure that Flemming Pedersen is a worthy recipient of this inaugural award.”

Flemming Pedersen became CEO of Ramboll in 1992, having joined the company in 1976.  As president and CEO he has been deeply engaged in all aspects of general management, developing strategies and models for business leadership and for acquisition and mergers of domestic and international consulting companies.

Flemming has also developed Rambøll’s value-based concepts of holistic operation and holistic accounting. He has been a member of the FIDIC executive committee (2004-2008), and since 2009 he has been a member of the Confederation of Danish Industry’s permanent committee on business policies.

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Short listed CEOs

• Pablo Bueno, TYPSA (Spain)
• Chris Cole, WSP (United Kingdom)
• Jerry Grant, RPS (Republic of Ireland)
• Keith Howells, Mott MacDonald (United Kingdom)
• Flemming Bligaard Pedersen, Rambøll (Denmark)
• Peter Rejler, Rejlerkoncernen (Sweden)
• Henry Rowe, Royal Haskoning (United Kingdom)
• Jorge Sendagorta, SENER (Spain)
• Mats Wäppling, SWECO (Sweden)
• Jonas Wiström, ÅF (Sweden)

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