Public consultation opened for technical college

Members of the public were invited to an open day on Saturday (March 10th) to find out more about the proposed University Technical College (UTC) in Burnley.

Apprenticeships body Training 2000 has secured £9.3 million of government funding to develop the project at the old Victoria Mill site, which will become a centre specialising in developing engineering and construction skills.

Subject to the final funding agreement being signed by the secretary of state in April 2012, it is hoped that construction work will commence in June, with the UTC to open in September 2013.

Charlie Briggs, leader of Burnley Borough Council, believes that those studying at UTC will have a bright future.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for young people to gain technical skills which will match the requirements of local employers in the highly skilled, advanced manufacturing sectors," he said.

Steve Gray, chief executive of Training 2000, said that the UTC will provide a "unique" learning environment.

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